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bullets Intelegence,....Truth, Imaginations and feelings are the wings of potential. We are constantly forecasting our moods by our breathing patterns, thoughts, feelings, images, words and actions. By becoming conscious of how we create our moods we eliminate mood swings and establish balance in our lives.
The three most important elements essential to moods management are conscious deep breathing, affirmative self-talk and the imagination. bullets

bullets Conscious Deep Breathing exercises
bullets Consciously breathe in deeply
bullets Feel your energy support
bullets Breathe out anxiety and stress
bullets Breathe in self-love
bullets Breathe out self-doubt
bullets Breathe in self-appreciation
bullets Breathe out self-rejection
bullets Breathe in forgiveness
bullets Breathe out judgment
bullets Breathe in your Divinity
bullets Breathe out separation

bullets Self-talk model

EYE am LIFE – light, intelligence, feelings and energy
EYE am Spirit energy breathing consciously forever
EYE am one with ALL THAT IS
EYE am love
EYE am spiritually secured from within
EYE am perfect, complete and whole as spirit, body, mind and soul
EYE am my elements of air, water, fire and earth vibrations
bullets Imagination

The imagination sees everything from its Divine perspective. It is through the imagination that we weave raw energies into mental images and physical forms. Our imagination frees us from all limitations. It is the stepping-stone between where we are and where we want to be.
Imagine the perfection that you are
Imagine that you are right
Imagine perfect love
Imagine great abundance in your life
Imagine loving relationships
Imagine a life without stress
Imagine spiritual security
Imagine being one with all of life
Imagine peace on earth
Imagine your desired destiny