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desmond bulletsWe are constantly forcasting our moods by our breathing patterns, thoughts, feelings, images words and actions. By becoming concious of how we create our moods we eliminate mood swing and establish balance in our lives.

bullets Moods breakers are sensory interactions with our environment. Fear changes moods. Sounds change moods. Fragrances change moods. Textures change moods. Images change moods. Tastes change moods. Actions change moods. Surprises are the greatest mood changers of all. Our senses play a great part in creating our moods. Interaction with nature Creative self-expression Playfulness Dancing Sharing with family and friends Fine dining Enjoying music Appreciating the arts Cultural diversity Kindness. . . are all positive mood breakers.

sea bullets Learn to fulfill all your needs and take pleasure in a new more life affirming way of life.      
      Breathe deeply. . . .
      Hold it
      then let it out slowly. . .       (repeat 5times)
      Breathe in Love for       yourself. . . .
      feel the love that you are. . .       Breathe out love from
      yourself to all others. . . .       Breathe in balance for
      yourself . . . .
      Breathe out balance       for the rest of the world.
The three most important elements essential to moods management are conscious deep breathing, affirmative self-talk and the imagination. bullets

bullets Conscious Deep Breathing exercises
bullets Consciously breathe in deeply
bullets Feel your energy support
bullets Breathe out anxiety and stress
bullets Breathe in self-love
bullets Breathe out self-doubt
bullets Breathe in self-appreciation
bullets Breathe out self-rejection
bullets Breathe in forgiveness
bullets Breathe out judgment
bullets Breathe in your Divinity
bullets Breathe out separation